Jim Vella’s Founder Story

My 3 Reasons:
My 2 Daughters
Melodie & Jasmine


In the freezing cold of a winter night, 1985,

I saw an elderly woman pushing a shopping cart containing all of her worldly belongings on a downtown side street  near Toronto’s Eaton Center

my guts churned and my mind screamed:

           “How can it be possible that an old woman is living on the streets, in the wealthiest city in one of the wealthiest countries in the world!?”

“I wouldn’t want this to happen to my daughters.”

“Instead of me raising funds for different charities,

 I’ll do it for homeless youth only.”

My past taught me:  “good charitable acts bring good in return”, so I hoped that by my helping homeless youth

my daughters would be spared by God from being homeless.

Donators included:

Manulife Financial, Canada Trust, Labatt’s Brewery, AdvisorX Personnel Services (Global) Ltd., Jean Luc Landry, Alex Andronache, Richard Flohill, Ron Bobbie, Heather Brown & Dean Motter, Guardian Capital Group, William Tynkaluk, Ken Kukkonen, Graham Kirkland, Tom DiGiacomo,
Druxy’s, Anne Vella, Gerry Bedard, Ron Bobbie, John Christodoulos and Metal Works Studio.

Past Donated funds went to:

Youth Without Shelter, The Family Builder’s Program of the Children Aid Societies of Ontario, LoveCry, Anishnawbe Health Center, Native Men Residence, Save The Children, YorkTown Family Services, and Babes with Babies

St. Judes Project now has the full time help
of Jim Vella to bring the necessary funding to
meet it’s objectives of serving Homeless Youth

We look forward to your participation, whether attending events and/or your charitable contribution

Thank you, from St Judes Project’s Board of Directors & Management

Short Video of Islands of Light Festival